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Sailing Weather

N American Wind

Current Wind

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Tomorrows Wind

Tomorrow’s Wind

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USA Current Temps

Current Temp

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Spring Launch

Islander 28 Spring Commissioning

The time is getting near and our anticipation is growing as today is the first day of spring. We're standing by as the … [Read More...]

Hugo Boss

What I Did on Summer Vacation

Oh, I so want to try this come summer! I'm afraid the "old Trouble and Strife" isn't convinced this is a great idea … [Read More...]

Sailing to Pepin

Sailing to Pepin

Last summer we took a trip to Pepin, WI aboard our Islander 28, Aurion. We had a great sail for the last 3 miles or so … [Read More...]

Sailboat Reviews

Our Zoom 310s

Zodiac Zoom 310s

We bought ourselves a new dingy. Hurray for us. I found a great deal on a Zodiac Zoom 310s … [Read More...]

mason 33-blue

Mason 33

Mason sailboats have always brought out the romantic adventurer in sailors. Because of … [Read More...]

Passport 40 Sail Plan

The Passport 40 Yacht

My latest Boat de Jour, is the venerable Passport 40, designed by Robert Perry. Why does … [Read More...]