Last weekend we made the move to a new marina a little further down the river. Our Islander 28, Aurion is now resting peacefully at Lake City Marina. The marina is owned by the city of Lake City, Mn and has a panoramic view which is unsurpassed on Lake Pepin. Last Saturday I left our old slip for the hour long motor to our new home away from home while Honey Bunny drove the car to the marina. We had to arm wrestle for the honors of moving the boat, I won. I made the trip without incident and pulled into our slip nicely. My lovely wife was procuring supplies and had not made it to the new slip yet so I was on my own. One hundred years of operating fishing boats kept me in good stead and I tied up with no problems. Honey Bunny would normally be in charge of docking by the way. She has mastered the art. So alas, the weary dock hand(me) was able to prove his merit at last.

So we are happy to have our beloved Islander 28 tied up at Lake City Marina for the foreseeable future.

Lake City Marina




Aurion Islander 28