About Us

Welcome to Boat De Jour – One sailors quest for the perfect boat!

Welcome to our  adventure! We are attempting the unimaginable, to find the perfect sailing vessel! We’re going in to our tenth season of sailing. In that short amount of time we have already owned 5 sailboats, as we search for perfection. Our current dreamboat, a 1985 Pearson 36-2, so far, seems perfect for us!

Pearson 36-2

My name is Eric, I, along with my wife, Miriam, are co-owners of Pepin Internet Marketing, LLC. We are currently providing WordPress web design services, web hosting and internet marketing services.  We are located in Minnesota where the people are great and so is the sailing!


My wife and I are sailing addicts. Our friends eyes glaze over as we regale them with our tales of sailing and dreams for the future. The standing joke among them is “So… What sailboat are you looking at now?”

I’m aware that some folks are perpetuating the theory that there is no perfect sailboat, but as the title suggests, the quest for perfection is fluid, and the object of our quest changes… wait for it… daily! Some folks are even so brazen as to suggest that all sailboats are but a compromise. Bah! As Robert Perry has written “Compromise is an excuse for bad design.”

As we learn, grow and sail our way to our dream of one day casting off and sailing for the islands. perhaps the Apostles or maybe the Virgin Islands. It is not the destination that intrigues us, but the journey.

So, welcome and we hope you will follow along, add some of your own advice, and enjoy the journey!