Here is a photo on the new Coast Guard sail trainer, the new Leadership 44, built by Morris Yachts of Trenton, Maine.

(From CGA Leadership 44 website) David Pedrick of Newport, RI, designed the Leadership 44s. He is an internationally renowned naval architect, who has led the design teams on eight America’s Cup campaigns and produced two winners – Courageous in 1974 and Stars and Stripes in 1987. His work embodies the very best technical designs in the market today. In early March, he was selected to be the Technical Director for the development of the new America’s Cup AC33 class, indicative of the high regard with which he is held in the international design community.

Putting cadets under sail is the best way to teach our future maritime officers the ways of the sea and for them to acquire a love for its lore. Under sail, the future officer gains a greater appreciation and respect for the wind, waves, and tides.

Sailing craft also provide cadets with a valuable leadership experience – often their first experience at command and control at sea. A ship under sail tests the true character and mettle of a young officer and provides invaluable lessons on the importance of teamwork.


Hats off to a new program for the coasties. Happy Veterans Day.
For more information about Morris Yachts and their Coast Guard Project click the link.