Islander 28 Manuals

moon over islander 28

I’m creating a page of Islander 28 manuals and such, mostly for my own use, if anyone can use the information you are very welcome to it. Now with everything being so mobile I think it is going to be easier to just grab the manual on my phone where I’m working rather than have to dig around my three-ring binders down in the cabin whenever I need to look up something.

I believe that our Islander 28 has what is a fairly rare engine in the Volvo MB 10a. It is a 2 cylinder gas engine and according to my research was built by a company in Norway called Marna Motors. They are still building this motor, as they have since 1959, if my memory is any good. I have two publications for the Volvo MB 10a so far, a two page Volvo MB 10a Product Bulletin and the much longer Volvo MB 10a Workshop Manual.

Feel free to download any of the manuals from the links.

I’ve also added the owners manual from our Islander 28, it is the original manual that came with our Islander 28 when we bought her a few years ago. The manual has some nice line drawings that lay out the plumbing and electrical systems as it came from Islander yachts. I’m sure a lot of these Islanders have had many of these systems updated since then, but I think they are still quite helpful. The manual covers everything you should need to know about your sailboat from the battery switch to tuning the backstays. It even has a section on how the ice box is plumbed to the sump and advises against routing to a thru-hull as the drain is below the waterline.

The manual also has an entire chapter on maintenance tips, covering rudders and keels to fiberglass and woodwork. It even has a maintenance timetable to assist you with staying on your maintenance schedule.

Happy Sailing!