I thought I would post the Lake Pepin flood level analysis, Lake Pepin is of course also known as Mississippi River, Pool Number 4. The water level gauge is right next to the Lake City Marina, so it is perfect for knowing what our sailboat is experiencing with almost live data. The chart will update on it’s own whenever you visit BoatdeJour.com or refresh your browser. We were in Lake City May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) preparing our Islander 28 for spring commissioning and saw the river was just about to the top of break wall at the rest stop north of town. No tamales for us, just boat scrubbing and stuffing box rejuvenation this year. With the late spring, it looks like we won’t be launching till May 24th this year. I have a few more boat chores to finish up so the extra time will be put to good use. Boat work get exponentially harder to do once the hull hits the water it seems like.

Two years ago I did something similar when the river flood prediction indicated a record breaking year (it didn’t), I hope the flood level chart proves useful to you again and as always, Happy Sailing!