Once again, the Vikings have set sail for North America and this time they are actually coming to Minnesota. Duluth Harbor in fact; with the estimated arrival date of August 18th, 2016, just in time for the Tall Ship Festival! The largest Viking ship ever recreated has already set sail from her home port of Haugesund, Norway for 14 ports of call.

The ship, Draken Harald Harfagre, was built over the last 6 years, with construction beginning in March of 2010. She was modeled after ships of what the Norse Sagas refer to as “Great Ships”. She has a crew of 32 skilled sailors.

The ship was named after a Viking king who reigned in the late seventh and early eighth century. To English speaking peoples, he was know as Harlold Finehair. Coincidentally, my wife’s ancestors are from the same area which King Finehair lived and the newly built ship has set sail. Could explain her having taken to wearing a horned helmet around the house of late.


  • 115 ft long
  • 26 ft 2 in wide
  • 78 ft 8 in high
  • 8 ft 2 in draft
  • 852 sq. ft sail area
  • 14 knots top speed

Her route will take her from Norway to Iceland, then on to Greenland. Next, she will make her way to Nova Scotia, as Leif Erickson did over 1000 years ago. From there, the crew will sail her down the St. Lawrence Seaway, through the Great Lakes, and finally to Duluth, MN. You can follow along at the official website, Draken Harald Hårfagre.

Draken Under Sail