Islander 28 – My seat hurts!

So we’ve enjoyed our Islander 28 for two seasons now and for our third season we thought it would be nice to replace the foam cushions in our settees. The fact is the settees are also where I do my sleeping in the hot summer months while aboard. And to be frank, it has not been the most restful sleep I’ve had. So it was off to the website of Rochford Supply I went to procure some new foam to rest my weary old body upon. Rochford Supply is a local company who carries a full line of upholstery supplies and marine fabrics. They stock sizes almost perfect for the settee project I have in mind. I will have to glue about 4 inches to achieve the correct length and as you can see from the images below, so did the previous owner. Ah, great minds think alike!

This is going to be an ongoing article so please stay tuned and thank you in advance for your patience. This means you, Sarah with a H!

The rough dimensions of the settees are 3 x 22 x 76. The foam sheets as they are ordered from Rockford are 3 x 24 x 72. There are also some interesting curves and bevels to worry about. In my research I have learned that the old electric knife Grandpa used to use to carve the Thanksgiving turkey works like a charm for cutting foam sheets to size as well. I will use the old foam as a template for this tricky task. Hopefully I prove to be trickier. Check back to find out I guess.


The settees before the project begins.

unzipped settee

The foam and batting as it appears in the fabric cover. We are not changing the fabric as it is still in great shape.


Note that both the foam and inside fabric covers are marked for easy identification.

glued edge

Here you can see where the previous foam job had to be glued to get the required length as well.

settee batting

The old cushions had batting glued to the foam. I am going to try it without first. We’ll see…

The foam and adhesive has been ordered, so now I will wait till it arrives via common courier to begin the next phase of the project.