Baba 40

Baba 40 for sale on

Baba 40 for sale on

Now here is a beauty I found on today. Nice! So what got me started this time. One of our sailing friends at the marina mentioned that he had been eyeballing a Baba 35 as he felt that we had upped the bar with the purchase of our Islander 28. At least he is keeping with our favorite yacht architect, Robert Perry. So of course I felt it only prudent that I should start looking at Baba 40’s. You know just in case we win the lottery or something. Seriously, our Islander is going to be our last boat, no really, our last boat.

If you click on the picture then check out the photo spread you will see some amazing shots of this cruiser in the BVI’s. I hope we can get photo’s of our sailboat that nice someday. Wow!

I suspect we will be hatching some ill conceived plan that involves me being towed behind in the dingy snapping pictures whilst trying not to fall off.  You know, on second thought, maybe Honey Bunny should be in the dingy and I on the Islander so I can help her back in when she’s done. Who says chivalry is dead. I guess I’m just old fashioned. Now where was I? Oh yea, Baba 40.

There is a great review of the Baba Ta Shing 40 on Blue Water Boats web site that is definitely worth checking out. This one is going in the files for sure. So many boats, so many boats.