Passport 40 Yacht

My latest Boat de Jour, is the venerable Passport 40, designed by Robert Perry. Why does virtually every sailboat that captivates my desire seem to be a Perry boat? The top of the mast is just now clearing the horizon, but so far I’m liking what I’m seeing. Today I found this video on YouTube featuring John Kretschmer, reviewing the Passport 40 for Latitudes & Attitudes. Take a look!

I found the beauty below while perusing sailboats which are for sale in the Great Lakes region. She is offered by Larsen Marine which is located in Racine, WI.


1983 Passport 40

Below is the sail plan drawing, my inner boat nerd loves these.

Passport 40 Sail Plan


The Passport 40 has been described as fast, nimble and sea-kindly. There were two different cabin layouts it appears. The video shows a conventional layout with an owners suite in the bow section, while the one listed on Yachtworld shows the other layout with a Pullman style double berth to port and the head in the bow. I love the Pullman arrangement, but wonder how much fun in would be to use the head while pounding to windward in heavy seas. I love a challenge, so maybe it would be fun. Or perhaps my over active imagination is creating situations that don’t prove out in the pudding. In either case, I love the lines above and below the waterline of this beauty from the drawing board of Robert Perry.

Another interesting tidbit I discovered while researching was that the design for the Passport 40 was initially requested by Wendell Renkin of Passport Yachts based on Bob’s work on the Islander Freeport 36. I think you all know my affinity for Islander’s of any flavor. That little piece of information just makes the Passport 40 all the more attractive to me. Coup de foudre!